Friday, 10 June 2016

My Upcoming Tournament Lists

I have two tournaments upcoming. The first is Kings of June, 25 June. This is a once-every-two-month tournament hosted by 3D6 staff. Usually gets about 10 entrants.  2500 points, no comp. The second is the Sydney Game Championships, 30-31 July. 2k points, no comp as of yet but I'm anticipating that the CoK pack will be used.

I've decided to run two similar lists for both tournaments, following my MSU philosophy. My models (WHFB Empire) suit either Kingdoms of Men or League of Rhordia. I've spoken a little bit about the differences here. I'll talk about my list philosophy (such as it is) in a later post.

The Lists:

2500 - Kingdoms of Men - The Grand Company of Westhaven


Shield Wall Horde
Foot Guard Regiment (with two-handed weapons)
Spear Phalanx Regiment x 2
Pole-Arms Block Troops x 2
Arquebusiers Troop x 4


Knights Regiment x 2
Mounted Scouts Troop with carbines


Siege Engine 
Beast of War with Light Ballista


Army Standard Bearer, Mounted, with Healing Charm
Army Standard Bearer, with The Boomstick
General on a Winged Beast
Hero, Mounted, with Blade of Slashing
Wizard, with Lightning Bolt and Bane Chant, and Inspiring Talisman 

2000 - League of Rhordia - The Company of Prinz Johannes of Westhaven


City Spear Militia Regiment x 2
House Guard Regiment
City Militia Troop x 2
Musket Block Troop x 4


Household Knights Regiment x 2
Halfling Iron Beast


Baron, Mounted, with Mace of Crushing
Duke on Ancient Winged Aralez
Halfling Sorcerer with Inspiring Talisman.

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