Sunday, 26 June 2016

Kings of June Tournament Review

My local FLGS Three D6 runs Kings of War tournaments every two months. I've been attending since I got into KoW in February this year. They are on the small & casual end of the spectrum, and a great introduction to more competitive gaming for players who are used to just playing with friends. Most participants are Canberra locals, but we usually have one or two blokes drive down from Sydney as well.

Game 1 vs Tim's Abyssal Dwarfs

Game 2 vs Tony's Goblins with Orc Allies

Game 3 vs Mark's Elves

Yesterday was a 3 game 2.5k tournament with chess clocks, and we had ~8 players. I ran an MSU Kingdoms of Men list, won best painted (thanks lads) and came dead last. I'll write up reports of each of my 3 matches later, will probably take me a week or so.

The results:

Tied for first were Tim N Abyssal Dwarfs & Rowan K - Undead
Dave C - Brotherhood
Tom N - Twilight Kin
Tony W - Goblins w Orc allies
Matt C - Forces of Nature
Mark W - Elves
Tas S - Kingdoms of Men

Not particularly surprising to see Tim, Roland, and Dave at the top.

My List:

The Grand Company of Westhaven

2500 - Kingdoms of Men - The Grand Company of Westhaven


  • Shield Wall Horde 
  • Foot Guard Regiment (with two-handed weapons)
  • Spear Phalanx Regiment x 2
  • Pole-Arms Block Troops x 2
  • Arquebusiers Troop x 4


  • Knights Regiment x 2
  • Mounted Scouts Troop with carbines 


  • Cannon
  • Siege Engine 


  • Army Standard Bearer, Mounted, with Healing Charm
  • Army Standard Bearer, with The Boomstick
  • General on a Winged Beast
  • Hero, Mounted, with Blade of Slashing
  • Wizard, with Lightning Bolt and Bane Chant, and Inspiring Talisman 
  • Beast of War with Light Ballista

While I had a fun day and all none of my games were close in the end, so that's a bit concerning. I'm not sure whether the main problem is my list or my generalship. I really hope it's my generalship because painting in my literally freezing garage of an evening sucks right now.

Anyway, actual battle reports to come.

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