Friday, 10 June 2016

Battle Report - vs Abyssal Dwarfs

Played a casual 2.5k game last night vs a chap called Christo. He's new to town, I hadn't played him before. He had a pretty impressively painted Abyssal Dwarfs army, another first for me. I played my MSU list, hoping to get some practice in before the tournament at the end of the month. 

I should have taken better notes, but his list consisted of a lot of Regiments of Dwarf infantry, a couple of hordes of Golems, two regiments of abyssal half-breeds, some slave orc Regiments, and a bunch of iron casters. Also three heavy mortars. No flying. We rolled loot, and deployed. I had 3 extra drops, so was able to deploy my knights and war beast after he was completely down.

This is my first time using Battle Chronicler for a batrep. It's pretty cool, but a bit of a learning curve. Hopefully I'll get quicker with practice because it took like as long to write this report up as it did to play the game.

I should have taken close ups of his golems hey


This is pretty much how it looked. Terrain is a little off. The three skull icons are the loot tokens. Christo picked sides, and elected to move first.

I was pretty happy with my deployment. In hindsight I should have probably moved my cannon (Arse Kicker) up to the line, to get a clear LoS to targets. It ended up only getting off one clear shot. And the muskets I sat in front of my spears were fairly wasted, not getting many clear shots away.

Christo made a big error in sitting his golems on the far flanks, especially the ones on my left. His idea was to run them around the impassable terrain and come at me from the flank, but with a shambling horde I don't think that was a realistic prospect.

Abyssal Dwarfs Turn 1

Kingdoms of Men Turn 1
We both moved in, pretty congested lines for both of us. With my superior speed (lol dorfs) I was able to set myself up for charges next turn, but out of his charge range this turn.
Abyssal Dwarfs Turn 2
He continued to press forward, his slave orcs picking up the token on my left, and his centre basically surrounding the centre token but not taking it. His flank on my right was congested by terrain and such, so just shifted about to take my charge. He landed still more wounds on my beast of war with his mortars. I needed an inspiring roll to save it.

Kingdoms of Men Turn 2
This was the critical turn for me. On my right I charged in and killed his golems, and tied up the rest of his units with melee. My scouts were able to grab the token, and with nimble they were turned about and off the board in the next couple of turns. In the centre I was heavily congested, my shield wall horde just generally being a pain. But I had a plan. My General flew behind his lines, setting up a bunch of rear charges.

The Rest of the Game
And this is where I got bored with Battle Chronicler / my notes got too sparse. Basically what happened is my Scouts ran off the the token on my right. In the centre he killed off my infantry and grabbed the token, but my knights charged in from their reserve positions, and killed his wounded stuff, and took the token. On my left, my House Guard and my General combined to take out his Immortals, and my militia wavered his slave orcs. His other Immortal regiment and his horde of golems were out of position, and generally not able to threaten anything. We called the game after turn 4, when it was clear that he could not stop me taking off my two tokens.

It was a really fun game, Christo was very chill, and his models looked sweet as. Check out the paintjob on his golems if you get the chance, excellent lava effects.

This was my second game with my MSU list, and I gotta say I'm loving it.


  1. nice one - I think that the msu army suits you better. The smaller units of shooters are much better IMO.

    Good to see another AB army in canberra as well!

    1. yeah I told him he needed to have a chat with you about how to play ABs. I think I convinced him to come to the next couple of tourneys so hopefully see him there.

      I agree re the MSU thing as well. It's only been 2 games, but I feel much more comfortable with them. I still don't have an answer to multiple tough individuals, but so long as I steer clear of undead armies I should do better than I have been.