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Kingdoms of Men or League of Rhordia?

[I'm just copy/pasting longer forum posts here for posterity. Originally posted on Wargamer.].

I have a moderate-sized collection of WHFB Empire models picked up as a bulk lot. I've multibased them for KoW. I can run them as either Kingdoms of Men or League of Rhordia. I've played about 20 games with them as KoM, and 5 as League + KoM allies. Here are my thoughts.

Regiment Empire Halberds - Can be run as (LoR) City Militia or (KoM) Pole-Arms Block. Identical stats.

Regiment Empire Greatswords - Can be run as (LoR) House Guard or (KoM) Foot Guard with two-handed weapons. Identical Stats.

Horde Empire Spearmen - Can be run as (LoR) City Spears Militia) or (KoM) Spear Phalanx. Identical stats. (still unpainted)

Horde Empire Swordsmen - Can be run as (KoM) Shield Wall. No close (LoR) equivalent. This unit is cheap and can survive at least one punch to the face usually, so I quite like it. About half the time I find myself paying extra for the spears to come up against an opponent with no TC units anyway.

Two Knights Regiments. Can be run as (LoR) Household Knights or (KoM) Knights. Identical stats, except LoR Knights have Fury, KoM Knights have Headstrong. Usually I would say Fury is a better option for a primarily melee unit, but I've had 5 critical situations now where my Knights were wavered by shooting, and headstrong was/would have been really useful.

Empire Steam Tank - Can be run as (LoR) Halfling Iron Beast or (KoM) Beast of War with light ballista. This is one of the big differences between the two lists. The Iron Beast is speed 5, hits on 5s, def 6, CS 2, TC1, breath (8). The Beast of War is speed 7, hits on 4s, Def 5, CS2 TC2, and the light ballista is what it says. The model is a bit of a DISTRACTION CARNIFEX, drawing fire no matter what it is being run as, and the Iron Beast has a significant edge in survivability. But it takes a long time to get into combat, and once it's there, it actually doesn't do that much damage. Melee 5+ is a killer, it usually ends up with like 4 wounds off of 18 attacks. The Beast of War is far more reliable in combat, usually doing about 5-6 wounds on a front charge. However it is shot off the table before it can get into combat in about half my games. So I'm going to have to give the edge to the Iron Beast in this one.

2 Troops Kitbashed Mounted Scouts with Carbines. A (KoM) unit, no (LoR) equivalent. The LoR light cav (Halfling Rangers or whatever) is more expensive and has bows. I find my Carbine Scouts usually do at least 1 wound when shooting, and that's usually all I need for forcing nerve tests.

Horde of Empire Handgunners - Can run as (KoM) Arquebusiers. LoR has Musket Blocks, but they can only be taken as a Troop or Regiment. I could rebase these models into two Regiments but I really don't want to. I put the Brew of Keen-Eyeness on this horde, and right now it forms the core of my army. It can usually put ~8 wounds on any unit in it's arc (24") range. Occasionally it lets me down (in the tournament yesterday my 20 attacks once failed to do a single wound once) but typically it clears a unit a turn. I understand shooter hordes are easy to disrupt, but I just don't like working with Reload! Regiments. 10 attacks on 5s is really only 1-2 wounds, and I have Wizards or Mounted Scouts if I want to force ranged nerve tests. So KoM gets the nod here.

Empire Mortar and Cannon - Can run as (KoM) Siege Artillery and Cannon. The Mortar can be run as a LoR Halfling Howitzer, but the cannon has no close equivalent. The Halfling Howitzer is just not as good as the Siege Artillery, and no Cannon, so KoM wins here. If I were to run artillery in a LoR list, I'd look to run 2-3 Volley Guns with a Halfling Master Engineer. But I don't have those models, and I'm not looking to buy more at this stage. In general I don't find heavy artillery (the sort that has 1 attack hitting on 5s) satisfying. When they land hits, it feels cheap, and when they miss I get salty because they "should" have hit more. So either way I don't enjoy it.

Individuals. I have a bunch of heroes and wizards that can be run as all sorts of things. KoM has better stock wizards (the option to take Lightning Bolt for free is great), but LoR has the Halfling Sorcerer (Windblast 7). I'm still learning to use them, but I'm convinced that a couple of windblast sorcs can really help me protect my rifle horde. KoM gets The Captain, which I love, But the League gets the Duke on an ancient winged mount, which I think is superior to the General on a Winged Beast. The Duke is more expensive, but has 7 attacks (General has 6), and a bit more utility with Heal 4 and Iron Resolve.

So this is the crux of my dilemma. To go straight KoM, to add in LoR allies (to bring the Iron Beast or Duke maybe) or to run LoR with my rifles horde allied in. I'm reluctant to run a front line unit like the Iron Beast as an ally, just because it's difficult to get it inspired or healed. The Rifles are ok as allies, usually if my rifles are being nerve tested I'm in the process of getting tabled so whatever.

Here's some example 2k lists that I'm toying with:

League of Rhordia with KoM Allies:

  • Horde City Spear Militia
  • Regiment City Militia
  • Regiment House Guard
  • 2 Reg Household Knights, one with +Pathfinder
  • Halfling Iron Beast
  • Mounted ASB with Heal Charm
  • Duke on Ancient Winged Aralez
  • 2 Halfling Sorcerers, one with Wings of Honeymaze, one with Inspiring Talisman


  • Horde Arquebusiers with +1 to hit
  • Troop Mounted Scouts w Carbines
  • Mounted Hero w blade of slashing

Vanilla Kingdoms of Men

  • Horde Arquebusiers with +1 to hit
  • Horde Shield Wall with Scrying Gem
  • Regiment Foot Guard w 2-handers
  • Regiment Pole-arms block
  • 2 Regiments Knights, on with +Pathfinder
  • Troop Mounted Scouts w Carbines
  • Beast of War with Light Ballista
  • Mounted ASB with Heal Charm
  • General on Winged Beast with Brew of Haste
  • The Captain, Mounted
  • Wizard, with Lightning Bolt + Bane Chant + Inspiring Talisman

Any advice/thoughts much appreciated.

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